Vision, Purpose, Goals and Values


  • Promote the importance of soils and the use of quality soil knowledge and expertise.

Our purpose (reason for our existence)

  • Harness our expertise and knowledge to improve the management of our soils.

What we do

  • Capture and transfer our core soils wisdom to increase the effectiveness of future soil managers.
  • Improve access, awareness and use of quality soil information.
  • Promote the use of evidence-based decisions in land management.
  • Establish and broker effective industry, agency and community links.
  • Mentor and inspire the next generation of soil specialists.

Why we do it

  • We have a shared passion and commitment for soils knowledge, its application and transfer.
  • We respect each other, our experience, knowledge and ideals.
  • We will work as an independent partner with government and industry.
  • To enjoy ourselves while we make a difference.

How we do it

  • make soil educational videos for farmers, students and front-liners.
  • collect and archive Legacy information, where it is not generally available.
  • hold meetings, conduct field trips and engage with the local communities.
  • write journal articles and attend conferences.
  • promote a need for effective Soil Policy in NSW.
  • compile Position Statements on a range of soil related subjects – what we think!
  • mentor younger students and front-liners.
  • conduct soil training workshops for farmers and front-liners.
  • manage and communicate via our Facebook page and SKN website.
  • secure our own financial independence.