Cowra Research Centre to store vital soil documents

Media Release 12 Feb 2021

The NSW Soil Knowledge Network has arranged with the NSW Soil Conservation Service to store valuable soil maps, soil reports and other information at the Cowra Research Centre.

President of the Soil Knowledge Network Peter Walker said “there is a large volume of soils documentation scattered in offices and in private collections, some in sheds and garages, which is at risk of being overlooked for current use, being damaged, or even being lost. One of our programs is to collect together these documents for secure and central storage, and to scan and digitise the most important so that they are available for present and future soil scientists, rural advisors and land managers, and, most importantly, for farmers”.

“We are most appreciative of the Soil Conservation Service making available this secure storage and a place to do the scanning. We are conducting our first big scanning exercise there next week over two days”.

The Soil Knowledge Network is a group of retired soil scientists and advisory officers who remain dedicated to the promotion of the values, protection and management of soils for the benefit of the environment and agriculture.

The network has a website, and a Facebook page containing soils information and short videos. We liaise with Local Lands Services, rural advisors, and Landcare Groups and we hold periodic meetings and field trips around the state to look at soils and, where possible, meet with locals.

Contact:  Peter Walker

0427 653 384