Position Statements

SKN at Cowra. Photo Sally McInnes-Clarke, OEH
SKN at Cowra. Photo: Sally McInnes-Clarke,  DPE

The NSW SKN is an independent group of soil and land specialists from all around NSW. The statements below represent our principles on a variety of ‘hot topics’ relating to soil and land.  They are qualified statements which are based on our collective experience with soils in NSW.

It is our hope that these statements will provide more information about our group and become a platform for a better understanding of these issues.

Topics available so far include –

  1. Soil and Land Use Planning
  2. The Carbon Storehouse – Soil Organic Carbon
  3. Soil Biodiversity
  4. No-Till Cropping and Herbicides
  5. Bushfires and soils
  6. Groundcover
  7. Regenerative agriculture
  8. Soils and droughts
  9. Solar farms
  10. Landcare
  11. Best Practice Land Management
  12. Cover cropping
  13. Compost

If you have any comments on these statements, or suggestions for future topics please contact us.