Community of Practice


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The Land and Soil Management Community of Practice (LSM_CoP) usually referred to as the Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of like-minded practitioners/peers in the soil and land assessment area sharing information.

Originally set up as an internal group within the former NSW DIPNR, it has since spread it wings to include people in: NSW departments such as DPI, OEH, NRC, LLSs, SCA and the Soil Conservation Service; private consultants; educational institutions; CSIRO, federal agencies and interstate organisations.

In practice it a large e-mail list to which technical and professional information is circulated. It enables soil and land management practioners to – 

  1. Share soils information;
  2. Pose soils questions to the group;
  3. Review soil and land media clippings; and to
  4. Distribute information on upcoming soils events.

The aim is to keep the passion for soil science and land management going. Hopefully it also provides the feeling of a ‘soils community’.

email logo SKNIf you would like to receive the CoP on a regular basis get in touch with Brian Jenkins who is the CoP facilitator