National Soil Strategy 2021

The National Soil Strategy was released in May 2021.

Eagle eyed readers may notice that the SKN received a credit for the photo which is included with the Executive Summary of the National Soil Strategy on pages 4 and 5.  This photo was taken on a SKN field trip at the Pinnacles in Ben Boyd National Park on the NSW south coast.

NSW SKN members are still hopeful that a soil policy for NSW will one day become a reality.

The text below is from Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment website.

 “The National Soil Strategy sets out how Australia will value, manage and improve its soil for the next 20 years. The Strategy highlights three overarching goals:

  • prioritise soil health
  • empower soil innovation and stewards
  • strengthen soil knowledge and capability.

Actions to address these goals will ensure that soil continues to contribute to agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability, and economic growth.

Soil supports every Australian no matter where we live. It provides essential ecosystem services that support and contribute to Australia’s economic, environmental, and social wellbeing. It underpins our way of life. Australia is known internationally for our world class agriculture and is home to some of the most stunning and important natural landscapes anywhere on the planet. None of this would exist without our soil.

We are enabling farmers to increase their ability to build farm resilience by planning and maintaining environmental plantings to protect soil.

The Strategy was developed in consultation with state and territory governments and the National Soils Advocate, the Honourable Penelope Wensley, AC. We have consulted with a broad range of stakeholders, and we have also conducted two public consultations”

You can download a pdf of the 60 page Strategy here or if you just want the highlights there is a fact sheet here

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