SKN Video Series

Knowledge transfer is a core priority for us.  To this end, we have produced a series of 6 short videos.  They are aimed at a wide audience including landholders, natural resource managers and students.  We hope you enjoy them and find them helpful SKN video series

Titles include –

  • Paddock tests for soil health.
  • Your soils from top to bottom.
  • Why soils are so important.
  • Saline and sodic soils – the difference.
  • Who we are.
  • Our purpose

PADDOCK TESTS FOR SOIL HEALTH – How to do a few simple paddock tests for soil health, and comparing the same soil type under two different management regimes.  This video is aimed at a wide audience from farmers and land managers, to students and natural resource professionals.

YOUR SOILS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM – How to find soil information in NSW and how soils change across a landscape.  This video presents traditional products and more recent web based tools for soil information in NSW. This video also describes three soil pits (crest, midslope, lower slope), the characteristics and farm management implications for each soil type.

WHY SOILS ARE SO IMPORTANT –  Soils are our most precious natural resource and they are often undervalued. We rely on soils for food and fibre production, but also to store and filter our water, to store carbon, to be a medium for plants to grow in so that we have oxygen to breathe.

SALINE AND SODIC SOILS – THE DIFFERENCE – Soil salinity and soil sodicity are often confused. While they both involve sodium, they have very different effects. This video clearly demonstrates the difference between these two land managment issues.

WHO WE ARE – The individuals who make the NSW Soil Knowledge Network great. Their amazingly diverse range of skills and experiences. The group has a collective experience of over 350 years which is second to none

OUR PURPOSE – The reason we exist. The NSW SKN is an independent group of retired soil specialists from NSW and the ACT. They are a bridge between community and Government which aims to transfer knowledge of soils and landscapes to the next generation of land managers.

Join us on a trip to western NSW for the SKN Rangelands fieldtrip 2017