Legacy publications

These helpful publications are often decades old but contain useful and practical information.

Walker, P.J., 1992. Managing for drought. Department of Conservation and Land Management.

Description: A focus on the land management practices recommended to prepare for and cope with drought.

Land and Water Conservation, 1977. Building a farm dam. Land and Water Conservation, Maitland, p. 4.

Description: how to site, build and care for a farm dam

Evans, L., 2001. Assessing the Texture of Your Soil. Salt Action, Department of Land and Water Conservation, Dubbo.

Description: Outlines how to take as paddock sample, texture and classify soil samples by hand.

Irwin, F., 1986. Above the tree line. Soil Conservation Service of NSW, Sydney, p. 12.

Description. History and restoration of the NSW alpine areas within the Kosciusko National Park