NSW Soil Policy



The adoption of a State Soil Policy, is the number 1 priority for the NSW Soil Knowledge Network in 2015 –  The International Year of Soils.


The soils of NSW are fragile and finite.  They are also a very diverse group.  They range from productive agricultural soils to beach sands, to shallow stony soils to alluvial loams and everything in between.

The uses of soil are also diverse.  When you think about soils in a general sense, the first thought is often for the production of food and fibre.  Yet there are many other uses of soil.  Soils filter the water we drink, and are a growing medium for vegetation which provides the oxygen we breathe.  We use soils as a foundation for our homes and roads, and also to contain our waste.

A comprehensive soil policy, which is supported by the whole of Government, is absolutely vital to facilitate the effective management of NSW soils.  

(photo: S McInnes-Clarke, OEH)